BlackBerry Prive And DTEK Phones Will Not Get Android Oreo Update


This piece of news might disappoint BlackBery Priv users. The company has reportedly confirmed that it won’t be pushing an Android 8.0 Oreo update for the smartphone. The list of a smartphone not getting the latest Android OS also includes the BlackBerry DTEK 50 and DTEK 60.

That aside, the Priv is not in line to get Android 7.0 Nougat update either. According to SlashGear, BlackBerry Mobile Solutions General Manager Alex Thurber confirmed the news during his interview with UTB Blogs. He said the three smartphones will have to be limited to its current firmware as it is difficult for the company to ‘get its partners in line to push that big an update’. It is quite unfortunate that BlackBerry Priv, despite not being a very old device will not get any more Android updates. On the bright side, the company promises to continue offering its regular security updates on the smartphone.

Priv not included in Oreo update list

BlackBerry Priv was launched in 2015 and came pre-installed with Android Lollipop. However, later the company rolled out Marshmallow for the smartphone.

It now appears that the smartphone will be stuck on Marshmallow as it will not be receiving either Nougat or Oreo.

Thurber was unclear whether the DTEK-branded smartphone from TLC i.e. the DTEK50 and DTEK60 will receive software updates in the future. ExtremeTech pointed out that while upgrading the BlackBerry Priv from Lollipop to Marshmallow, TLC had to take responsibility for getting device partners on the team. This will also have to be done if the company wants to further upgrade the handset. The task of getting the device partners agreeing once again is an impossible feat, which TLC is unwilling to take on.

DTEKs will not receive firmware updates?

While getting the device partners to agree to push a huge update may have been the reason behind the BlackBerry Priv not receiving any further system updates, the motive for not pushing out firmware updates for the DTEK59 and DTEK60 is quite different. According to Neowin, DTEK-branded smartphones were an experiment to test how the partnership between TCL and BlackBerry would unfold. Considering the BlackBerry KEYone is performing quite well in the market, it is safe to assume that the collaboration is successful. The company therefore no longer needs to support the DTEKs any further and is re-branding the handset as a commercial concept device. Nevertheless, Thurber assured that TCL will continue to roll out security updates for the DTEK smartphones.

Last month, BlackBerry announced that the BlackBerry KEYOne smartphone will certainly be getting the Android 8.0 Oreo update. So, that is some relief for fans who await the Android 8.0 Oreo experience on their BlackBerry smartphone.

BlackBerry KEYOne is company’s last smartphone made in-house, and was announced at MWC 2017. All the upcoming BlackBerry smartphones are said to ship with Android Nougat or Android Oreo. Blackberry KEYOne is currently available in India at a price of Rs 39,990.



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