Microsoft Surface Phone: An upcoming beast


You see, Windows Phone is getting out of the list rapidly after no device launch since the Lumia 950. People are already forgetting about Windows Phone. Microsoft is more focusing on its Desktop and Laptops line up, but they shouldn’t forget about Windows Phone which is (was) one of the most versatile and fancy device of all time.

Microsoft is rumored to be working on a Surface #phone and it is expected to release in late 2018 or 2019. Recently, a Twitter user leaked several details about this Surface mobile on a Chinese website. This is the first mobile phone to succeed the Lumia mobile series. Due to the delay in the release, it has been criticized by many mobile critics. While Microsoft has excelled in many areas, they still struggle when it comes to mobile phones.

Microsoft hasn’t released a new Lumia Device since very long, maybe they are working on a Ground-Breaking Device to be released soon.

If they didn’t launch the Surface Phone soon then, the Microsoft Ecosystem will be left incomplete, there will never be a proper universal Windows platform, never because if they made it long to launch it, the more time developers will take to build apps for Windows 10 and then Microsoft will be in the same situations as of now. The next will be revenue and profits of the company, Microsoft is a native Software company but if they want their Software to be up tight with current competitors then there is a need for their own hardware which company has started in the Surface line up, if they didn’t make onto Surface Phone, then we can’t say how can the company be still on its profits level by selling Surface Computers and Hololens along with Windows.

What should users expect?

Microsoft is planning to incorporate the X86 environment in 64 bit #Windows 10 OS to give a complete desktop experience. But making X86 applications run on mobile phones without a powerful machine is a challenge.

If they can deliver the desired result, this phone might become one of the best phones in the mobile world. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor is rumored to be used in this phone which will make it the most powerful phone yet. Its 10nm processor is more efficient than the 16nm Snapdragon 820 processor used in the earlier Lumia versions. It will provide 40 percent lower power consumption and 27 percent higher performance.

Surface Phone could be coupled with the Microsoft’s own Continuum feature that enables the user interface to dynamically adapt based on the situation. If a keyboard is attached, the mobile can be used as a desktop. If it is removed, it becomes a mobile. The phone will include all desktop apps such as Office, Win Hello which runs through Continuum. Microsoft mobile wallet is also planned to be established to compete with major mobile payment gateways.

The device is rumored to be a metal phone with a 5.7 inch display. It appears to have a smaller and slimmer body and this device will come in 3 variants.

Microsoft’s flagship phone

This phone is said to have an attractive Surface pen, keyboard and a kickstand which will allow it to open as far as 185 degrees. A built in projector is an added feature in this device which can run for one hour on the mobile’s battery. Clear black technology which is recently used in many high end mobiles will be incorporated in this mobile to reduce maximum reflection in the device display. AMOLED will deliver unique colour contrast in the Surface mobile screen.

It will allow 20 percent faster charging than Quick charge 3.0 which is used in many high tech phones. There has been no official statement regarding the Surface phone. As far as the rumors concerned, this phone is worth the wait for the anticipated specifications. Prices of the phone are not confirmed.



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