Reliance Jio Phone Is The First Feature Phone To Come With Google Assistant


New Delhi: Reliance’s Jio Phone is world’s first feature phone to getting a special version of Google Assistant. The announcement was made at Google for India event in New Delhi today.

At the launch event, Google said the voice assistant will be able to play music, videos, call and send text with a voice command. However, Google is yet to confirm when it starts rolling out the Assistant on the JioPhone. Reliance JioPhone already has a built-in digital assistant, however, it is limited in nature.

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The Google Assistant version for the JioPhone will be able to take voice commands in both English and Hindi languages.

Just to recap, Reliance Jio Phone is an advanced 4G feature phone which made its debut at the company’s AGM meeting on July 21. Jio Phone will effectively be “free” at a deposit of Rs 1,500 which is refundable after three years, when users return the Jio Phone. The phone started shipping from October.


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