Top 10 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Microsoft


Top 10 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Microsoft: Today I’m going to tell you about some amazing and interesting facts about the software giant Microsoft. As we all know Microsoft was founded in 1975 by two boys named Bill Gates & Paul Allen.

Well, This is the basic fact about Microsoft that everyone knows. I will tell you some amazing facts, so let’s start it.

1. The Name

The first ever mention of the word “Microsoft” was mentioned in a letter written by Bill Gates and his fellow co-founder Paul Allen. Bill Gates intentionally wrote the word Microsoft considering a portmanteau of “Micro Computers” and “Software”.

2. Product Codenames

Microsoft likes to work on its product under codenames. Eventually, Bill gates was willings to launch windows under the “Interface Manger” but then an employee persuade him from doing so. Product name a while seem to have midwest geographic bent, some of the past codename includes “Lone star”, “Vienna” and “Longhorn”.

3. Logo

For the first time in 2012, a version of the famous windows logo was included in the official Microsoft logo. But the four tiles are more than an icon for windows. Each tile are supposed to stand for Windows (Blue), Office (Red), Xbox (Green) and Bing (Yellow).

4. Hardware

Microsoft began manufacturing hardware back in 1983. the first hardware to get its shape was MS Mouse 1.0.

5. Microsoft stock split

Microsoft went public on 13th march 1986. Since then, the firm has split its stock nine times. In terms, a company will split its stock only when its stock price become too high. Initially, Microsoft’s stock for public offering was $21 a share but now the one original company share would now be equal to 288 share today.


6. Microsoft Sound

The six second start up sound of windows 95 was made from the musical mind of Brian Eno. The pioneering musician said that he found making the short piece of music funny and amazing just like a tiny little jewel.

In 2004, a teenager named Mike Rowe registered the domain So phonetically when said out loud, it almost sound like you’re saying Microsoft. Only based on this, Microsoft decided to take legal action against Mike Rowe and the whole thing received world wide media attention.

8. Slogan of XP and 9/11

When preparing to launch Windows Xp back in 2001, Microsoft wanted a catchy slogan to go along with it. They eventually settled for “Prepare to Fly” and began printing all promotional material and covers and so on. Then 9/11 happened and suddenly the slogan wasn’t as catchy anymore. Because of this Microsoft had to spend over $200 million, just to change to slogan to “Yes you can” instead.

9. The Avatar

Every website and service with users and profile pictures has on of these. A default avatar. Its usually just a standard silhouette of a person or whatever Youtube is going for. Anyway one version of Microsoft email client, namely outlook 2010, uses this icon. Its interesting because this is actually a silhouette of bill gates 2010, uses this icon. Its interesting because this is actually a silhouette of bill gates from 1977 when he was arrested for speeding and driving without a license.

10.Microsoft is Among the Top 5 Patent Holders in the US

Microsoft is one of the top patent owners in the US. Microsoft holds over 10,000 patents and files around 3,000 per year. Although most of them are software related, the 5000th and 10,000th were consumer friendly and easily understandable ideas. The 5000th was for Xbox 360 games that let people watch game remotely while the 10,000th was for Microsoft surface.

Microsoft also rewards their employees for holding a patent. The reward includes a bonus of $1500, a wooden plaque and a decorative black cube that features their names as well as title and date of the patent.

I hope you like Top 10 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Microsoft.

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