WhatsApp is introduced its own emojis

Love them or hate them, emoji are a great way to convey meaning with text messages. With plain text, it can be difficult to gauge someone’s emotions. Emoji can be used to better understand the messages intent, or at least make the message prettier. Because of their expressive nature, emoji are often updated to reflect different moods.

The Facebook-owned company on Monday unveiled a proprietary set of the symbols that will be used in its chat app. Previously, WhatsApp used Apple’s emojis not only in its iPhone and Mac apps, but also in its apps for Android and Windows devices.

According to latest reports, the Facebook-owned messaging app has started to unveil its own emojis for the Android Beta version 2.17.364 from Monday. So, if you have already signed up with the Beta program on WhatsApp, you will be able to see the new set of emojis directly on the mobile application.

According to Emojipedia, the emojis on WhatsApp Beta appears to be similar to the ones present on Apple devices. It should be noted that these are the new set of emojis but for the beta platform.

So, once the final version comes out, we might see some more changes in that emoji set.

WhatsApp had recently made a big update, where it enabled users to search emojis using the emoji keyboard. The app gives a small search button present on the emoji keypad.

Users have the option of searching all kinds of emojis which they want to share. And now, this move by WhatsApp will affect more than 1.3 billion monthly users of the app all over the world. At least 1 billion of these people use WhatsApp on a daily basis.

Recently, WhatsApp has added many new features on the app, especially the ‘Status’ update which became quite popular. It is similar to Snapchat Stories.

The company said that over 250 million users have been using the new feature.

It is also trying to bring a new WhatsApp business app, with an aim to monetise the platform via enterprises.


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